First I have to say thanks for passing by and be interested to know what I’ve been working so far. I feel pleased and I hope you can find something useful or inspiring on this site!

I’m Fernando Rocha,
Master on Informatics Engineering,
Department of Informatics Engineering,
University of Coimbra

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking person with a genuine eagerness to learn and achieve excellence. Used to work in a competitive and innovation environment developing cutting-edge applications. Loves challenges and to discuss ideas with the team or colleagues to achieve the best solution. Has flair of leaning new tools, new technologies and expanding skills and expertise in different areas.

I’m currently a full stack developer and an expert on Microsoft .NET Technologies. I’m always focused not only on solving a problem but also in the design of the solution, extensibility, performance, security and scalability. I’m used to develop highly optimized backends and highly responsive and user-centred frontends, enriching the user experience and meeting users expectations.

I’ve developed this tool to help me gather important information from Network Simulator 2 (ns2) trace files, for instance, flow traffic statistics and routing behaviour (path shifts). I’ve published it because it might be helpful for many other students and engineers around the world that currently use ns2 and can’t find a suitable trace analyzer.

You can check my LinkedIn profile here:

I hope the tool helps someone. 🙂
Suggestions are welcome.