Network Simulator 2.1b9 for Windows

Usually if you want to change the source code of Network Simulator (NS), for instance, to test and develop a new network protocol, you’ll need the full source code of Network Simulator and you’ll need to compile it to incorporate your changes. This is a lot easier to do in Linux rather than with Windows, there’s also more tutorials and support.

However, sometimes you just want to configure a simulation to study how the common protocols behave and to learn how to use the simulator and its tools. This would only require the binary version of the NS and NAM. The problem here is that there’s no good site explaining how to do that completely, and with all the required resources.

The following link has all the required binaries. Unzip the files to “C:\ns-2“, or other path you would like, and add “C:\ns-2\bin” (please check if this is your path) to the Windows PATH (there are many tutorials to do this, for instance, click here to check this one).

Download Network Simulator 2.1b9 Windows Binaries (x86):

After doing this, you can use the Network Simulator and Network Animator tools in the console, at any path. For using the Network Simulator you can type “ns <tcl file>“, for NAM you can type “nam <nam file>“.

You can download this ns-simple.tcl file and test it. Running “ns ns-simple.tcl” will write two output files, “” (trace file) and “out.nam” (nam file). You can run the NAM over the “out.nam” file to watch the exchange of packets. You can also run my tool over the trace file “” to check some statistics.

I hope this is useful, and have fun! 🙂